DEVELOP creating of strategy and business plans, manage your product portfolio, quotation pipe management, customer journey mapping.


Developing a business model and strategy to define business direction and goals for securing a sustainable growth and profitability.

The Strategy is dead! The lifetime of your strategy and business model is getting shorter and shorter as the changes happens much faster than ever before. If you do not continuously reinvent yourself – yes then you will not be here tomorrow. Disruption happens all the time and you have to change all the time to keep up. We help you to develop your business – develop from your core.

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  • Get a direction for the coming year and secure that your business model is supporting your strategy in order to reach your targets

  • Identify your core, your processes and your organization to secure your business in the long run and optimize your sales and EBIT.

  • Map your future business potential and create an actionplan that makes you realize these potentials in a sustainable way


Securing growth and increased profitability by selecting markets and customer segments with the highest fit to your strategy and product portfolio. Find new target segments and increase your sales to existing customers.

Often companies develop both based on strategy and in an opportunistic matter. There is suddently a chance in that country, a contact in that segment etc. This causes often that you are supporting customer segments/markets that are not really fitting to your own direction and product portfolio.

It can also result in giving the same service to all customers. In this Box we will help you to utilize your resources in an optimal way by making segmentation of your customers and markets. By this also identify new market segments and customer groups to grow your business in both sales and profit.

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  • Identify your most valuable markets/customers with the strongest fit to your value propositions

  • Where shall your future sales come from? Which markets/customers and what is needed to go there?

  • Where should you scale down activities? Markets/customers with low strategic fit and profitability.


Getting a strong updated product portfolio but cleaning up, reducing complexity and defining your future product pipeline.Kundernes behov ændrer sig hele tiden og vi sikrer os at din produktportfølje er afpasset til kundernes behov og at eventuel unødig kompleksitet kortlægges og fjernes.Hvilke produkter tjener du mest på og hvilke er under afvikling?

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  • Skabe klarhed og retning over nuværende og fremtidig produkt portefølje

  • Identificering af unødig kompleksitet, som binder lager og forhindrer produktionsoptimering

  • Hvilke produkter er de nye stjernes og hvordan får du dem bedre i spil. Ryd ud i produkter der er under afvikling før de bliver ukurante

  • Sikrer at din fremtidige produktpipeline er identificeret


Strengthen your customer service by mapping the main contact points with your customers and get more loyalty and better allocation. Invest where the output is the biggest.

We know our customers and what they want? Really? Often, we see that the customer journey is much different from what you believe and that companies invest resources in touchpoints that are not important for customers and completely neglect very important points, where you can win or you’re your customers. Together with you we will map the customer journey through your organization and find the most important touchpoints and prioritize these.

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  • Get a clear overview over your customer´s journey and the touchpoints where you can influence their decisions to buy

  • Secure optimized customer focus and allocation of your resources by prioritizing your activates

  • Your sales will increase over time grow as your hit rate increases because customers get more satisfied


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