Flemming Stig Hansen
Flemming Stig Hansen
Business Developer
& Value Creator

Flemming – Who is he?

”We help companies getting growth and increased profitability by creating a clear direction, optimizing their product portfolio, sales processes and services to fulfill customer needs.

”I believe in constant change and optimization both professional and private. To set important goals for the future and work hard and committed to reach them. My view is holistic and takes the different processes and stakeholders into consideration to secure a successful implementation and fulfillment of your goal. My method is practical oriented and based on experience and “keep it simple”

All my career I have worked with International Sales and Product Portfolio Development in different companies – both smaller private owned and large share holder value driven global companies.

I have taken the career path from the shop floor at a whole seller with HVAC/Steel and then worked my way up to International Sales Director and latest Director, Product Portfolio at Danfoss. This journey gives me a deep insight in different parts of the company and also a respect for all part of the value chain and it helps me understand the different issues in a company.

I believe in the combination between skills, personal competences and experience and also that you have to improve every day. To improve I have over the year taken different relevant educations to sharpen my skills within leadership and strategic sales.

2016                      Executive MBA at IEDC, Slovenia

2006                     HD(A) Diploma in Business Administration at Aarhus School of Business

1995                      Merconom in Marketing

Even though I have a wide knowledge covering both purchase, logistic, running R&D projects, operations then I focus on two pillars: Product Portfolio and Sales

This is where my deep knowledge is and also where my passion is. I really like to work with sales and product management departments and to involve customers in making a strong business plan and secure customer satisfaction and loyalty. I work in the area between strategic and tactical level where the plans are made and then given life in the organization. Far too many strategies end in a folder in the CEO office because either they are too complex and therefor also impossible to implement or they are too theoretical.

I have always done sports – both to keep fit but also to set goals and reach them and I have Black Belt in Taekwondo and over the years made 6 full Ironman around Europe and run +10 marathons. Why? Because I could and when having reached one goal a larger was defined. Why is my sport relevant for my business? Because all these sports are based on same values: keeping in shape, work hard, be disciplined and never give up before you reach your target!



Our building blocks

Strategic reinvention

In a fast changing World a strategy is more a working document than a firm plan for the coming 3-5 years. As a company you constantly need to reinvent yourself, change direction, scale up and down and you need to do it fast or you are out of business. From hero to zero is a way of saying how fast you can lose it if you are not agile and ready to change. If it works don´t fix it……or? We believe that you exactly have to make the changes when you are on top of your performance in order to be one step ahead of the competition.


Value creation is for us to make solutions that lasts and are sustainable. In these years we see large companies optimize their business short termed by cutting cost to an extend that it definitely will jeopardize the long term results and without taking any notice to society or employees. Share holder value quarter by quarter is setting the agenda in many places and we just do not believe in this model. If you want to survive in the long run you have to develop your business based on customer satisfaction and through skilled and motivated employees whoa re not burned out.

Customer focus

Inside out perspective and KPIs that are based on what is good for the company and not its customers – that is what we often see coming around in companies. We are customer focus, they say but in reality they are ourselves-focused. If you want to follow the trends and be close to customer needs and survive in the future you need to be close to your customers – really close. Open your books if needed, talking strategy with them on CEO level and really understand their business, how they use your products and their pains and challenges.


Excellerator work in a professional way and if we do not know enough about the area we say no thanks. We believe in delivering 110% solutions that create value and that can be anchored in your organization. We also believe in hard work to reach the goals and that plans shall be executed and better do it today than tomorrow.


Even the best strategy and business model are nothing without people – and to attract the best brains and keep them will be a hard task in the future. Young people want a meaning in their job and want to have influence in decisions. This will challenge the organizations, but will also – if managed in the right way -create a strong empowered organization where decisions are made close to the customers and speed and efficiency as going hand in hand.

Our method

Our method is holistic and starts with your core. What are your core competences, your history and strengths and how can we made them even stronger in the future. We also look at your current organization and the competences and skills of your employees and how you have organized your business.

We have a humble and professional approach and we know that you are the one who know you business and we are the facilitators, who make the mapping of the data, use relevant models to clarify the potential and directions and help you implement it into your organization.

Every company is different and cannot be put into a standard model or box, so we are very careful to tailor-make a process that fits to your demand and what will give you the best solution and output.

Keep it simple is also one of our mantras. The more complex your make things the harder it is to implement them – or nearly impossible. So keep it simple and related to your business and we can make it happen.


We work with Business Development within the following areas:


The journey starts typical with defining the overall direction of the company for the coming period. Overall strategy for the company and the impact on the sales and product areas are where we are strong and create the most value.

Risk assessment of your sales structure/product portfolio:

If your two largest customers leave you tomorrow will you then still be alive. Or are you your product range over the top and your pipeline of new product not ready to take over? We look into your customer base and Product Portfolio to monitor the risk of your company and to make action plans for how to mitigate the risks. We also look into the life cycle of your current product portfolio and how it fits the customer needs.

Going into new markets:

The world is changing fast and often the lucrative home markets are under pressure and companies have to go to new markets with their products to secure growth. We help your company to make a go-to-market plan in order to reduce the risk and harvest the potential.

People & Performance:

Your organization is the glue that makes your strategy, business model and Product Portfolio stick together and the anchoring in the organization is essential for success. Having high performing employees and teams is our aim and through meetings, workshops and one-to-one talks we get close to your organization and get buy-in to secure a successful implementation of the strategy or other areas we are working with.

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